Our life is as sweet as they write it.


in motion



I write (almost) poetry and longer fiction,

as well as scripts, screenplays

and many, many to do lists.

Thematically, a sense of optimism, energy and love for love pervades all that I do.


He may have given her the seeds but she did the cultivating

She did the weeding

The raking

The watering

The sun brought the sunshine

And she grew her own happiness.

And you can buy it here.

My debut novel

is called Love Can Save Us All.

Love Can Save Us All follows the lives of two women, whose paths cross over one hot London summer.

Robyn cares for nothing but boxing. Elizabeth cares for nothing but her daughter. When the two strangers band together to fend off an attacker, they are thrown into an intense, unusual bond that teaches them what it is to love and be loved.

Love Can Save Us All is a cross-genre fiction. An intimate drama with thriller undertones; interwoven timelines and poetic stylisation. It is an elegy to loneliness and an ode to the power of maternal, platonic and self-love.

I also share some of my poems online.

(the light)

How I underestimated you.

Here we are, existing as friends.

How I underestimated myself.

Here I am, existing

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what a joy it is

to know a land

so waterlogged with love,

held deep within

the earth itself

and in the stars above